Meeting a new stylist can be a tad nerve wrecking, so I am hoping to ease your worries by giving you a step by step about my process. First off, I am so excited to work with you!! The first thing you can do is to fill out my new guest form, link is below, so I can get a little information about you. We will go into detail during your consultation.

Once you arrive, I will walk you through a thorough consultation process, where we discuss your hair history and maintenance of the desired look.  We will plan out, not just your first visit, but a longterm plan to ensure all of your goals are met.

If you're here for COLOUR, a customized formula and technique will be created for you. I will also recommend any in salon treatments that may be needed to achieve your end result and a take home regime to help your colour’s longevity.

If you are here for a HAIRCUT, I will be creating a shape that is complimentary to not only your face shape but your lifestyle too. I will walk you through what products to use to best suit your new style as well as share with you how I am styling your hair.

During your appointment please help yourself to the snacks and beverages that I offer. When we are finished I will show you how to create your style at home, get you set up with the perfect products and setup your next appointment.